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We would like to honour the residents who arrived in the UK between 1948 and 1973 (first generation Windrush) and settled in Telford and Wrekin.  We are asking willing participants to provide us with around 1 or 2 photographs, and a brief paragraph to include where they came from, where they settled in Telford and some optional information about work/homelife.

From the information and copies of the photographs provided, we will exhibit an enlarged version of these photographs, and information which will be displayed around 4 to 5 prominent locations in the Telford area during Black History Month, October 2021.

We recognise that many of the first Windrush generation may be sadly, already deceased, and in this case, we ask that a family member engage with us in celebrating their life and provide us with the information on their behalf.

By inviting the Telford Windrush generation to participate in this exhibition, we aim to honour the memory of this courageous group of people who paved the way for us and have left a legacy for our future generations.

Organisers; Diane Drummond & Emma Brown.


Photo Consent

We take the issue of data protection very seriously and would not use an image of you or your family member without your prior consent.  We would therefore ask you to read through the information below. 

How will your photo be used?
•    In marketing materials to promote this project and its exhibitions (for example, in fundraising literature)
•    In any other way to promote the charity and its work (e.g., in print/social media/online advertising)

Consent continues with no time limit.
Image consent can be changed or withdrawn at any time by notifying the group in writing to the following email address:
If you consent to us using these images, please fill in your details below:

Tips on how to provide us with good quality digital copies of your photographs…

You can use a scanner to get a high-quality copy of your photo, or most smart phones now have a good scan facility or app. If using a phone camera to take a photo of a photo: -

-    Ensure the photo lens is clean
-    Take the photograph in plenty of natural daylight
-    Ensure you take the photo directly head on (photo propped up straight) or from above (birds eye view) and not at an angle
-    Tap to focus and hold still whilst capturing
-    Save and edit if needed - to crop the photo, most phones allow you to do this within the edit photo settings

We recommend asking a younger family member to help, but we can assist if needed - just contact us.

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